siteMaster® Conference

Impacts each stage of the event management cycle by decreasing costs and conserving staff time. Within this robust toolset, an event planner can execute events efficiently, making the need to use multiple software platforms much less likely.

siteMaster® Conference Event Management Solutions:

• High ROI
• User-friendly & professional registration that maintains the identity of your event and organization
• Customizable event websites and registration forms
• Contact database management and reporting
• Mobile event websites and registration
• Enhanced event check-in capability, using our event check-in app
• Up to the minute information regarding attendance
• Complete sales breakdown of the days online receipts
• Track comp tickets and sell merchandise both online and off
• Membership Access & Management
• Social Media Integration

siteMaster® Conference Event Marketing Solutions:

• Segment your prospective attendees and reach them with the right message
• Social media integration and viral marketing for additional promotion and event engagement
• Automated follow up and reminders
• Event related surveys gain the feedback you need to continue hosting a successful event
• Safe and secure payment processing into your merchant bank account