Newport Polo is steeped in American culture and history.  Nestled in the quaint town of Portmouth, RI is a small farm called Glen Farm.  An unassuming place for the most part.  It has a few soccer fields and people can go there for horse riding lessons.  But on 17 Saturdays and Sundays during the summer, the place comes alive with crowds of up to 5000 in attendance to witness modern day gladiators to battle on the field of honor!  Ok, I got carried away.  They come to see polo.  What's polo you might ask?  It is a game where 4 players on each team ride horses and try to out maneuver the other team to hit a small ball through the opposing team's goal.  The game is divided into six 7 minute periods called chukkers.  The team with the most goals at the end wins and gets showered with Champagne!  Another feature of the match occurs during half time when the crowd of spectators comes out onto the filed to replace all of the divots dug up by the horses during the match.


Newport Polo has experienced incredible growth over the past 10 years.  The number of fans has grown to record attendance and the list of sponsors has continued to rise year over year.  Ticket sales have also seen huge growth.  While growth in and of itself is a wonderful thing, the pains associated with growth can present many challenges.  The one we were tasked with solving was online ticket sales.  The previous website was great for processing tickets in the beginning.  The few tickets that were bought online were easily managed and processed via paypal with very few issues.  Until GROWTH!  The management team was faced with not a few tickets for each game, but hundreds.  Many of the ticket sales were occuring the day of the match.  It was getting out of hand.  They needed a way to automate the processing of the ticket sales so that checking the customers in at the gate did not require printing out a spreadsheet with all of the names and then cross checking each name as they entered the gate.


 siteMaster has e-ticket management built in!  Newport Polo now processes all online ticket sales through siteMaster.  Each sale is then automatically added to our database and associated with the appropriate event.  The customer is sent an e-ticket via email with a QR code which is scanned when they enter the gate.


The Newport Polo series now has a state of the art website with a cutting edge e-ticketing solution.  Each gate attendant is equipped with a tablet which they use to scn tickets as they are presented.  The check in process is far more efficient and accurate.


Visit the site:  www.nptpolo.com