The siteMaster™ Platform Difference

Looking for a real partner  who can take your project from concept to completion?  ASSI's team of web development and content specialists work with each of our clients from the beginning of the project to the end.  Not only will we provide you with a feature rich, scalable, AWESOME web management platform, we will actually build your website for you.  THAT'S RIGHT!!!  We actually do the work.  We're not sure who decided that a 'do it yourself website' model was a good thing for most companies.  Our clients are too busy running their businesses to have to worry about learning how to build a website.  Let our team be your team so you can focus on what you do best.

Tired of cookie cutter templates and content management systems that don't do everything you need them to?  Tired of hearing your web developer say "Sorry, the CMS can't do that"?  We can help.  We have built siteMaster from the ground up to be scalable and with the ability to modify it to meet the needs of our clients.  Some of the features and third party integrations are below.

Did you know that ASSI can manage your web presence for you?  That right!  From basic content updates to full web marketing packages, the staff at ASSI can make your company shine online.  Contact us today for a customized quote.  Leverage the skillset of our entire staff for a fraction of what it would cost for one full time employee.  Call us today!  570-234-0777