Who We Are

Our Mission

"To enable businesses to leverage web-based technologies to achieve their full potential"

Business Overview

A Sound Strategy Inc. (ASSI Total Solutions), an 8(a) certified software development company, specializes in developing cutting-edge web-based management software products and services for business, non-profit, and government sectors.

It’s proprietary offerings include a variety of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) application-including a comprehensive process management system (ASSI Project), a website content management system (SiteMaster), a touring logistics system (TourMaster), and event membership and multi-media management solutions. Using these proprietary software platforms as a basic foundation, users can build highly flexible, interactive and comprehensive structures to meet their diverse management needs.

ASSI’s licensed products and services make sophisticated management tools available which allow users to easily customize, update, manage, schedule and organize day-to-day functions of their unique business operations without the need for software technical expertise. The company serves two distinct markets with their products, they are:


a) Software Systems built to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations business’s operational management and control capabilities, and

b) Website development/enhancement that allows a client to reach customers and prospects, which now use the Internet as a key means of shopping, to increase sales, and improve their ability to disseminate information to this expanding customer base of almost 2 billion users worldwide.

Core Capabilities and Competencies

As an industry leader, we employ some of the most proficient developers whose experience and credentials are aligned with the current and future needs of the business communities, associations and government agencies. We also offer a diversity of talent that enables our clients to fully leverage its investments in established and emerging technologies.

  • The ability to understand the context or circumstances of a design problem and frame them in an insightful way
  • The ability to work at a level of abstraction appropriate to the situation at hand
  • The ability to model and visualize solutions even with imperfect information
  • An approach to problem solving that involves the simultaneous creation and evaluation of multiple alternatives
  • An ability to establish purposeful relationships among elements of a solution and between the solution and its context
  • An ability to use form to embody ideas and to communicate their value