siteMaster® Touch

siteMaster® Touch

siteMaster® Touch

siteMaster Touch is the application development platform that can set your business apart today and for the future. siteMaster Touch has only one limitation… your imagination.

The Keyboard is Obsolete

After more than 150 years the keyboard is rapidly becoming obsolete. Estimates suggest that in another ten years a generation may exist that has never used a keyboard.

While, for many business owners, this may seem hard to imagine, the reality is that we will use a combination of touch screen and voice recognition to do all but the most complex tasks. Will your business be ready?

siteMaster Touch can help make the transition to keyboardless communication smooth as, well, a touch screen.

The siteMaster Touch platform is unique because it takes virtually any digital content and makes it available on any device.

Here are a few ways our customers have made siteMaster Touch a part of their business.

Restaurants create a virtual menu. Customers can snap a cell phone picture of a QR code from inside the paper menu. Instantly they see photos, ingredients, calorie counts and even allergy information right on their cell phone. Better yet, the app will offer suggestions, give coupons and serve up special offers, even after the customer has left the restaurant.
Kiosks in waiting areas are great for additional sales, gift cards, or just entertaining people as they wait.
Music venues can serve biographies of the performers, and even let people download music before the musicians ever leave the stage. The app then makes sure the biggest fans are invited back when the band returns.
Salespeople love leaving their briefcases in the office. Carry around all your documents on a tablet, and seamlessly deliver any of them on demand. Offer to send videos or sales materials by email, and capture valuable contact information on the spot. Whether you are direct sales, trade show sales, or even retail outlets you will reach your customers like never before.

The Cool Factor

Finally, we can’t forget the “Cool Factor”. So many businesses today depend on customers who carry the newest gadgets and coolest devices. These “early adopters” tend to be very influential. Capturing the attention of this young and influential crowd can not only increase sales today, but solidify your reputation for the future.



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