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siteMaster® CMS

Your business' website has one distinct advantage over every other marketing piece your business uses. Over time, your website can increase in value. Every other piece of advertising or marketing collateral depreciates in value over time.

  • TV and radio commercials become dated
  • Print ads go out of circulation
  • Brochures and business cards can't keep up with changes
  • Even the value of social websites fluctuates over time

Your website, however can be in a constant state of improvement. Update your website as your business changes, and the new content replaces the old. New customers and prospects visit your site, and have no indication of what your website looked like yesterday, let alone last week, month, or even last year.

Keep Your Website Fresh

Most companies today use content management systems (CMS) to add and update content of all kinds. With advanced CMS, your company can:

  • Add new products to your online store
  • Write articles for added customer value and better search engine optimization
  • Add photos and images to illustrate your products
  • Add video for testimonials, customer education, or simply for entertainment
  • Create presentations and webinars, streaming audio and video to support your business in real time
  • Integrate web content and share it over a variety of social networks easily

Not only will your customers benefit, but so will your staff:

  • Post job openings and requirements
  • Keep employees informed
  • Give sales people up to the minute marketing messages
  • Encourage employee morale and company pride

Your suppliers will also benefit:

  • Keep lines of communication open
  • Get marketing help from manufacturers and vendors
  • Strengthen cooperative relationships
  • Share information in real time

How siteMaster CMS Can Help

siteMaster CMS is our proprietary content management system. Adding new content to your website is as easy as filling out an online form. With custom designed skins, adding any type of content is simple, and formatting is automatic.

Change a little, or change a lot! With CMS you can make changes on the fly anytime, or completely reorganize your website with a few clicks.

Turn on content, and turn it off again. With siteMaster you can add a page and leave it up forever, or simply turn it off when the information is no longer needed.

A Website for Any Business and Every Business

siteMaster CMS can be used in a huge variety of businesses because of our custom module system that allows us to create the structure you need for any style of business.

siteMaster CMS is used by:

  • Resort hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Service Businesses for B2C and B2B
  • Churches and other Not-For-Profits
  • Political Candidates and Action Committees
  • Real Estate Agencies and Home Builders
  • Government Agencies
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Health Care Organizations

Content management is the key to communicating with your customers, vendors, employees and other stakeholders. You owe it to them to see what siteMaster CMS can do for you.

Call us today and 1-877-699-3211 and put siteMaster CMS to work.

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